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If you have a question that has not been answered on the Flight Line Club, Photo Pit, Lawn Box or other any other page of the website, it may have been asked and answered below. If you don’t see it here you can submit a question on this page or call the info line at (321) 395-3110.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the hours of the event?
    Gates open each day at 9 am and close at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Flight performances take place roughly from noon to 4 pm. Please note that ending times may vary.
  2. What time does the Flight Line Club VIP and Corporate Chalets open?
    The Flight Line Club VIP and Chalets open each day at 10am.
  3. Where is the entrance to the event and how do I get there?
    The Lockheed Martin Space and Air Show is located at the Sanford International Airport, located at 1200 Red Cleveland Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773.
  4. Can I go in and out of the event?
    Re-entry to the event is not allowed.
  5. What is included in the price of admission?
    General admission gets you access to the event grounds from 9am-5pm.  Flight Line Club VIP admission gets you access to the event grounds from 9am-5pm and access to the Flight Line Club area with amenities starting at 10am.
  6. Will the schedule be the same both days? When will the schedules be posted?
    All the major acts, which you can see here on our Performer Page, will perform both days unless otherwise noted. The sequence of performances for each day will be provided to all ticket holders approximately 1 week prior to the event.  The sequence will not be released to the public.
  7. Will the static displays be open all day, or do they close when the air performances start?
    If our show includes static displays, they will be open from 9am – 5pm including during flight performances.
  8. How do I request media credentials?
    Please contact our Director of Public Relations, at no later than 2 weeks prior to the show. Due to the volume of request, please note that only credentialed media are eligible for media credentials to the event.  If you are not credentialed media looking for a good location to shoot photographs, please check out the Photo Pit.
  9. Do I have to have Photo Pit passes to take photos? Are photos allowed to be taken in the general admission and Flight Line Club spectator areas? Absolutely. Please simply be courteous to other guests around you and comply with any request by security or volunteers.
  10. Do I need to bring my own chairs or can I purchase/rent a chair there at the event?
    You must bring your own chairs for the General Admission area and the Lawn Boxes. No chairs will be available for purchase/rent on site. If you would like a seat to be reserved for you, we recommend purchasing Preferred Seating or Flight Line Club VIP. Please feel free to bring your chairs in to the general admission area, drop them off, and go check out the air show static displays. Guests are NOT required to carry their chairs throughout the show!
  11. Can I arrive at the air show any time?
    Please note that the aerial performances of the show run from approximately noon to 4 pm. Guests are encouraged to arrive any time in the late morning in order to enjoy the full line-up. Any guests arriving after 3 pm may be turned away from the show.
  12. Where can I find information on flight arrival times and new act announcements?
    Please note your best source of information about the show is our Facebook page and by signing up to receive our newsletter. We love to share the enthusiasm of new announcements with our fans!
  13. Will there be a live stream of the show on TV or the internet?
    We will have a livestream available this year for guests who cannot attend the show. Note!  The Livestream Broadcast will be blacked out in the area around Orlando Sanford International Airport to discourage illegal parking along the roadways.  Please register in advance at
  14. Can I fly into the airport during the weekend of the show?
    Orlando Sanford International Airport is happy to accommodate private pilots coming into the airport during the weekend of the show. Please note that there are temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) and NOTAMs that will be put in place by the Federal Aviation Authority during the weekend of the show for the safety of our performers and the public. Please contact the airport’s FBO Million Air directly to arrange the time of your arrival accordingly.


  1. Do you have any special provisions for the handicapped?
    All public areas of the air show are ADA handicapped accessible. For guests with accessibility challenges, we recommend bringing a cane, wheelchair or walker. However, we ask that all guests please note that the show is located on an airfield and there will be some distance involved from the gates to the seating area. Most parking areas are grass lots.
  2. Will wheelchairs or scooters available for rent at the event?
    Wheelchairs and scooters will not be available for rent, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.
  3. Is handicapped parking available? Where is handicapped parking located?
    Yes, handicapped parking will be available in all official air show parking lots.
  4. Is there shade for my elderly relative? General admission and preferred seating are all open-air seating for full visibility of the air show performances. As noted in our Security Questions below, all awnings, tents and beach umbrellas are strictly prohibited. You may, however, bring a small personal handheld umbrella.


Please note that airport and air show security reserves the right to remove any guests who chooses not to abide by airport safety policy. Below are some guidelines for what is and is not allowed on air show grounds.

  1. What is not allowed onto the air show grounds?
    Coolers, outside food and beverage, canteens, camelbacks, weapons of any kind, tent structures, self-standing umbrellas and pets are all prohibited.  If you arrive to the front gate with these items, you will be directed by security to return them to your car or to discard them in a trash receptacle.
  2. Are masks required?
    All guests are required to wear masks except while seated viewing the show separated from other groups by at least 6 feet. Please see our Safe and Separate guidelines for specific details. Please note that children under 2 are excluded from having to wear a mask.
  3. Can I bring a cooler with snacks and drinks to the show?
    NO. Due to numerous security regulations, outside coolers and food/beverage are NOT allowed into the event. Spectators will be allowed to bring 1 sealed bottle of water per person, no larger than 1 liter in size. If a patron has special medical dietary restrictions, items will be allowed in reasonable quantities if accompanied by a doctor’s note. You will be asked to present your doctor’s note to security upon entry to the event.
  4. Can I bring an umbrella?
    Personal, handheld umbrellas will be allowed into the event. Self standing umbrellas and awning, canopies or tent structures are strictly prohibited due to safety.
  5. Can I bring sunscreen?
    Sunscreen will be allowed into the air show and its use is highly recommended.
  6. Are backpacks allowed?
    Backpacks are allowed and will be subject to security inspection upon entrance into the air show.
  7. Are cameras and video recorders allowed?
    Yes, feel free to take as many photos/videos as you would like and share them with us on social media.
  8. Can I bring a wagon for my kids?
    Wagons without a canopy will be allowed into the air show.
  9. Do you recommend ear protection for children?
    Ear protection is not required, but is recommended, especially for children under 5 who may be startled by the noise of the aerial performance teams.
  10. Are pets allowed entry to the show?
    Due to concerns for the safety of attendees and animals, no pets will be allowed onto the show site unless they are service animals. For clarification on qualifications of service animals, please visit the ADA website here.
  11. Are there restrooms available?
    Portable restrooms are available throughout the show.  The Lawn Boxes and Preferred Seating have portable restrooms exclusive to those area.  The Flight Line Club VIP area features an air conditioned executive restroom trailer.  Portable restrooms are provided in Flight Line Club VIP as well for those who want to remain separated from others while using the facilities.
  12. Is smoking/vaping allowed in the air show?
    NO, remember, we are at an airport and smoking/vaping is not allowed anywhere on the airfield. Smoking/vaping in the show site will be cause for ejection from the event site and confiscation of vapes, cigarettes and/or lighters.


Please note that our air show entertains thousands of guests each year, which in turn means a significant amount of traffic into and out of Sanford International Airport during the weekend of the show. Please be sure to give yourself 45-60 additional minutes of arrival time prior to the show for parking.

The aerial portion of the show ends between 3:30 and 4 pm. Significant exiting traffic means that it may take 1-2 hours to depart from the airport at the conclusion of each day’s show. We ask that guests please be patient and abide by all instructions provided by the Florida State Troopers and parking attendants on site to guide guests.

  1. When does parking go on sale? This year, no parking will be sold on-site. Paid parking is now included when you purchase tickets. (Guests who previously purchased tickets without parking will have received an email allowing them to purchase parking separately. Please note that you still saved money by purchasing in advance!)
  2. Where is Parking located?
    Our show is located at the Sanford International Airport in Orlando – parking maps are located on your parking pass.
  3. Do I need to print my parking in advance?
    We do recommend printing your parking pass for ease of scanning.
  4. Will there be road closures around the airport? Yes, there will likely be some road closures to accommodate traffic. We will update our “Getting There” page (to be posted soon) for further details on exits and entrances to the area around the airport.
  5. Do Flight Line Club VIP tickets include parking?
    YES, each Flight Line Club VIP ticket purchase includes a VIP parking permit. Your parking pass will include directions on how the enter and exit the lot.
  6. I purchased Flight Line Club VIP tickets or Lawn Box passes, but only received one parking pass and my guests are coming in a separate car. Can I receive an additional pass?
    Flight Line Club guests are issued one parking pass per purchase because VIP parking is limited. Our Customer Support Team would be happy to assist you with purchasing an additional parking pass. Please note that we reserve the right to not issue parking passes should any of our lots be filled.
  7. Are there shuttles to transport back and forth from the venue and parking lot?
    No, there are no shuttles for this year’s show. Please see the above section on handicap accessibility for details regarding handicap parking, which will be available in all lots.
  8. Is there motorcycle parking?
    Yes – motorcycle parking is the same price as regular vehicle parking.
  9. Is there RV parking?
    No, there is no RV or bus parking at this year’s show. Please also note that tailgating is prohibited and all guests must leave the parking area and enter the air show. This policy will be strictly enforced by on-site security.
  10. Can I ride my bicycle to the air show? If so, where can I park?
    Yes, you can ride your bicycle to the air show. You will be able to park and lock up your bicycle in all official air show parking lots.
  11. Can bicycles be ridden through the ticket gate into the air show?
    Bicycles are not allowed on air show grounds.
  12. I have a family member arriving on a commercial flight into Sanford International Airport on the weekend of the show. Can I still come pick them up? Yes! Please note that there will be significantly increased traffic in the area on Saturday and Sunday, so please allow yourself extra time to enter and exit the airport.


  1. Is there going to be food & drink for purchase at the event?
    Various food & beverage items will be available inside the event site including beer, prices range from $3-$15.
  2. Can I bring a cooler with snacks and drinks to the show?
    NO. Due to numerous security regulations, outside coolers and food/beverage are NOT allowed into the event. Spectators will be allowed to bring 1 sealed bottle of water per person, no larger than 1 liter in size. If a patron has special medical dietary restrictions, items will be allowed in reasonable quantities if accompanied by a doctor’s note. You will be asked to present your doctor’s note to security upon entry to the event.
  3. Will food and beverage available for purchase be cash only? Will credit cards be accepted?
    Food and beverage vendors will accept both cash and credit.
  4. Will Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free food options be available for purchase?
    Our food & beverage concessionaire makes every effort to ensure menu items are suitable for all guests. As mentioned above, outside food and beverage is not allowed. Should you have a food allergy or sensitivity, please make sure you bring along a doctor’s note and contact our customer support team for further details.
  5. I have a toddler, can I bring diapers and his/her food?
    Diapers will be allowed into the air show. Baby food, formula, breast milk, etc. are allowed in reasonable quantities. Please present your items for inspection upon entry into the event.
  6. How do I become a food vendor at the air show?
    Please reach out to


  1. What are your preferred hotels?
    Our Where-to-Stay page features the hotels where the pilots and teams are staying.
  2. Can I camp at the show?
    Camping is not allowed at the airport, but central Florida features many wonderful camping locations throughout the area. Please visit the KOA website for their recommendations.
  3. Will there be pilot meet-and-greet events?
    No. This year for public health reasons, there are no pilot meet-and-greet events. However, performer merchandise will still be available for purchase throughout the show.


  1. Is there assigned seating?
    Yes, this year seating will be assigned in all areas of the show to promote our Safe and Separate initiatives.  There will be enough seats with appropriate distancing for all ticket holders. We are limiting the number of guests to this year’s show.
  2. Will tickets be available at the gate on the day of the show?
    No – all tickets must be pre-purchased online prior to the date of the show.
  3. Are children included in the six-person count of the Lawn Box ticketing area?
    Yes – children of all ages (including babies) are included in the 6 person total. Guests with parties larger than 6 people are required to purchase an additional lawn box, which can be located adjacently (pending availability).
  4. Can my child attend the show for free?
    General Admission tickets are free for children 5 and under. Flight Line Club and Preferred Seating tickets are free for children 2 and under (as they would be considered a “lap infant” and would therefore not have their own seat).
  5. Do you have senior citizen, military, student or other discounts?
    We offer a discount to everyone when you purchase your tickets in advance either online or by phone.
  6. Do I need a Promo Code for the pre-purchase discount?
    No – the discount is already factored into the cost of your ticket.
  7. Do I need my ID to get into the show? Does the name on my ticket have to be the person who is using the ticket?
    While it is generally a good policy to have some form of government ID on you at a public event like the air show, you do not have to present ID at the gate. Many guests purchase tickets to the show as a gift for loved ones, so you do not have to have the person who purchased your ticket with you. Please simply have your printed ticket available for scanning at the gate.
  8. What is the processing fee added to my ticket price?
    The non-refundable processing fee is included on all tickets purchased online, via phone or on-site at the air show. This fee pays for the support of our professional ticketing company and the speedy service they provide to each and every guest who needs their assistance.
  9. If I purchased tickets for Saturday can I use them on Sunday instead?
    You cannot use your Saturday ticket for Sunday or vice versa. If you would like to change the date of your ticket, please reach out to our box office by telephone at 877-301-8499 or email at
  10. Can I present my tickets on my cell phone?
    You will be able to present your tickets for entry into the air show on your cell phone. If you purchased a parking pass in advance, please make sure it is printed and visible to parking and traffic attendants.
  11. I purchased my tickets in advance, but have not received them, what do I do?
    Contact our box office by telephone at 877-301-8499 or email at and they will be able to assist you.
  12. I lost my tickets, what do I do?
    Contact our box office by telephone at 877-301-8499 or email at and they will be able to assist you.
  13. What is your rain policy?
    In the event of non-authorized intervention, weather or other causes beyond our control, the event may be terminated or suspended and tickets are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled in its entirety on Saturday due to weather, tickets will be honored on Sunday. If the event is cancelled in its entirety on Sunday or for the weekend due to weather, tickets will be refunded or honored at the 2021 event.


The Space & Air Show is a gated event and tickets are required for entry. No coolers, outside food and beverage is permitted except one (1) sealed water bottle per person up to one liter in size.  Tickets are non-refundable.  ln the event of non-authorized intervention, weather or other causes beyond control, the event may be terminated early.  If the event is cancelled in its entirety due to an occurrence outside of the control of Event Management on one or both days, Event Management, at its sole discretion, may attempt to make an accommodation the following day or at next year’s event for discounted admission.

Photographs, video and other recordings (collectively referred to as “Images”) may be taken during the event. They may include your recognizable likeness and/or that of any minor accompanying you. By utilizing this ticket (purchased or provided at no charge), or other pass or credential you consent that you and any minor accompanying you may be included in such Images. You authorize Event Management to use such Images in any forms of media now known or later developed for marketing, promotional, advertising and publicity purposes, and/or posting on any event websites and social media accounts, all without compensation to you. Additionally, by utilizing this ticket or other pass or credential, you agree that all Images you take, in and around the event, and published or shared online can be used by Event Management at any time for archiving, marketing, promotional, advertising and publicity purposes without compensation, recognition or attribution to you.



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