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Air show volunteers are at the heart of the Lockheed Martin Space & Air Show and a key to making such a massive event a success.  Opportunities are still available in ticketing, security, retail, parking operations, hospitality and more. Air show volunteers receive an event volunteer t-shirt, commemorative credential, lunch on the days of air show volunteer service and reserved parking. Sign up below to join the team and share it the excitement and adventure!

  1. Rick says:

    Just submitted your volunteer registration form. Willing to travel to Florida using vacation to work this event.

  2. Dalin Amin says:

    Are there going to be outside vendors? If so, my son will like to register his business as a vendor. Also, if this is not the place to ask this question, are you able to advise where. Thanks in advance

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hi Marilyn, all volunteers need to be 16+, and we absolutely welcome family member volunteers. Each volunteer needs to have a separate form, so we can ensure proper contact information.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey Donald, volunteers must be 16 or older. We do work with a number of Boy Scouts troops, JROTC, Civil Air Patrol and other youth groups that assist with our shows, as well as one-off high school age volunteers. Many parents enjoy coming to volunteer alongside their older teen!

  3. KP says:

    Do we have to be from the states in the dropdown to volunteer? I have airshow parking volunteer experience. Also, do we get to have some wandering time on one of the days?

    • Laney Poye says:

      We need to just ensure that you will be available on the dates of the show to volunteer, but if you plan to be there from out of the State of Florida, you can absolutely volunteer. Typically, volunteers work the full day minus a lunch break, but you will of course still be in the middle of things.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Hey George, if you want to pop down to Central Florida for a vacation, we’d be happy to have you come volunteer. 🙂

  4. Gary Sternberg says:

    I’m the volunteer Chairman for EAA Air Venture Lost and Found and General Information. My liaison officer is Chris Farrell, director of EAA Security. I’m also familiar with air show security and needs.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Nice to meet you, Gary. Please feel free to send an email over to with more details about the work you do. We’re still a year-and-a-half out from the show, but we’d be happy to keep your information on file.

    • Laney Poye says:

      Thanks so much, Donald – just sign up here on the website, and in the first part of 2020 our Volunteer Manager will be reaching out.

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